Lake Cody is a family owned and operated campground located in northwest Ohio. Lake Cody has been open for over 45 years.

Cody and Nedra Miller, along with their four children started the campground and swimming beach in 1972. The property was originally the family farm, purchased in 1963. Lake Cody was created when U.S. 30 was rerouted through the dining room! Cody and Nedra sold the campground to their youngest daughter, Beth, in 1996.

Beth and Tim Spradlin, along with their three children, Bryan, Megan, and Reece, currently own and operate the family campground.

Lake Cody is a family-friendly campground, and the family works hard to help your family have a safe and enjoyable time. So put on your brakes and check out Lake Cody Campground; you may want to stay a while.